Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Lightning OTG | Iphone OTG To USB 3.0 Speed OTG/USB | Iphone Plug and Use OTG

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Yesido Premium Quality Lightning OTG/USB 3.0 Super Fast Data Transmission (White) YESIDO lightning OTG usb 3.0 super fast data transmission cable



Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Iphone OTG/USB With Super Fast Speed Of 3.0

Lightning OTG’s are very rare in Market the Iphone Users most demanded OTG that will be used directly like Plug it and Use it 

Brand : Yesido

Model : GS10

Specifications Of Yesido GS10 Lightning OTG

  1. Plug it and Use It no need of any Apps etc
  2. 5 Gbps Speed Of Data Transfer is very Possible with Yesido GS10
  3. Yesido GS10 is very Comfortable with every Ipad/Iphone/Macbook
  4. All data like Pictures/Videos/ Documents are easily be Possible to Transfer it with Yesido GS10 from or to your Iphone/Ipad
  5. iOS13 or lighter version will support  mouse and excel word MP3 MP4 etc
  6. Super Fast Data Transfer is now very Possible with the speed of 3.0 with the help of yesido gs10
  7. Yesido GS10 is a perfect gift to all Iphone Users and your loved one
  8. Very Easy to carry it any where
  • Brand: Yesido
  • 100% Original
  • Compatible all iphones model
  • 3.0 Super Data Transmission
  • Support Lightning Device
  • Lightning OTG
  • Plug and Play
  • Limited Stock

Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Lightning OTG/USB 3.0 Super Fast Data Transmission Plug and Use

One of the essential and widely used converters is the USB to Lightning conversion of Yasido GS10. You can use this converter to connect your iPhone to a USB port. In this way, you will easily transfer the desired information between the phone and the computer or flash memory.

You can also use this converter to connect the keyboard, mouse and gamepad to your iPhone phone or tablet. Another feature of this USB to Yasido GS10 Lightning Converter is that you can connect cameras or camcorders to your Apple phone or tablet. Of course, 

Famous Problems With Lightning OTG

There are some Famous Problems With Lightning otg’s listed below

  • USB drive not working in iOS
  • OTG not working
  • OTG not recognized by Iphone device
  • OTG cable not working
  • OTG Cable Issues
  • and many more

But Don’t Worry Sub Melega is Here to Help you with Lightning  OTG’s Problem and the solution is one and only one Yesido GS10 Lightning OTG/USB 3.0 Super Fast Data Transmission 

Why you must Buy YESIDO GS10

  • plug it use it
  • easy to carry
  • support any iOS device
  • Good Product in less price
  • Long Lasting
  • You can Gift it to your Loves one
About Yesido

Yesido is a Brand of Quality products it have famous products like otgs, cables and usb adapters HDMI Cables and much more.

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